GARY STUART, #1 International Best-Selling Author, is also a master Constellation facilitator of 16 years, author, and transformational speaker. Gary’s latest book is MASTER YOUR UNIVERSE: How to Direct and Star in Your Own Life. Gary is internationally recognized for exploring invisible family dynamics through Family Constellations. He is double-certified in the work including Bert Hellinger’s “Movements of the Spirit-Mind” Facilitator’s Training in Austria. Gary has facilitated well over 8,000 processes, and is on the cutting edge of providing training for facilitators and other professionals.

He conducts weekly workshops in California and travels worldwide. Gary also offers Distance Constellation healing work for personal, business or organizational issues as well as breakthroughs in Prosperity, Organizational Empowerment, Familial Epigenetic, plus Past-Life Reincarnation. Gary ‘s book on Constellations is Many Hearts, ONE SOUL. All of his books are available on Gary hosts “Consciousness Connection” on Blog-Talk Radio.

Gary’s Early Life

On my own journey of self-discovery and inner awareness at 19 years old, I came upon the deep healing work of “Primal Therapy” Founder, Dr. Arthur Janov in 1970 (which ironically so was Bert Hellinger’s during the same time). After much self-analysis and study of the “primal scream” method I pursued different avenues of inner work. I discovered deep healing massage which incorporated the physical aspect of emotional pain into the mental psyche realm and spent several decades exploring the physical aspect of pain.

It was during that time that I sensed my higher-self communicating information and insights to me about the clients I never “worked on” before. I treaded softy as I was unaware how to approach these strangers and address their deeper need of healing. After much contemplation I realized that “I” was the messenger or conduit to facilitate the change they needed for healing. This experience led me to become a Bowen Healing Therapist in the mid 90’s.

To share my discoveries, I sat down to write about the profound insights and lessons learned, which became my first book, “God says, Heal!” released in 2000. That work segued into the sacred journeys of Shamanic training and into the unknown realm of altered states, which guided any private and therapeutic inner expeditions. Those profound insights connected me to the divine source which taught me about my spiritual mission. And those experiences helped me to understand with an amplified awareness, of what I came to know as suffering, healing and compassion for myself and others. I observed that while being guided by my higher-self to communicate what was needed in any situation.

This 30-year culmination became the foundation that led me to, The Knowing Field a decade ago, which unknowingly, was part of the Constellation Field of hidden conscious awareness. And the decades of experience sent me on my way to becoming a worldwide facilitator and founder of The Constellation Healing Institute. After 40 years of working in many different facets of healing, I continue to expand my scope of personal healing to those in need with workshops and Constellations throughout California and the United States. And through my continued writings, I am also able to bring this work to you with a collection of books, “Many Hearts, One Soul.” which speaks to the spiritual aspects behind the groundbreaking modality of systemic constellation work and highlights this life changing process.

Gary and Constellation Healing

Gary has been investigating and experiencing many deep healing processes for the past 40 years since he was 23. Gary Stuart founded the Constellation Healing Institute (C.H.I.) in 2008. Gary has been exploring invisible family dynamics as a Constellation facilitator for more than 14 years. Double-certified, his first certification was completed during Heinz Stark’s first U.S. facilitator training in 2000-2002. While continuing his weekly workshops, Gary completed Bert Hellinger’s, ‘Movements of the Spirit-Mind’ training in Pichl, Austria in 2007.

He founded the Constellation Healing Institute in 2008, and continues to lead workshops and train new facilitators in Los Angeles, where he lives, as well as working and lecturing internationally. He’s a contributor to The Knowing Field in the UK, and has authored four other books on various philosophical subjects. He is also a member of the ISCA, Hellinger Sciencia, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce and The Evolutionary Business Council.